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The cruel reality of war

  occupation  oppression  violence

and the struggle, hopes and dreams for a different life in Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Kurdistan and other regions told by the international Theatre Reportage group of Teatro di Nascosto. Our actors and contributors live in these countries and in the western world… Daily life stories from the territories of conflict in Arabic, Italian & English language.

Photo of the Month

Sophie Barclay from the International Group – working with children in a Palestinian Refugee Camp in Lebanon

Theatre Reportage upcoming events

Upcoming workshops, performances, actions and tours in Europe and the Middle East.

20 Aprile: sera/evening Senegallia Cinema Teatro Gabbiano, Italy
21 Aprile: mattina/morning, Senegallia Cinema Teatro Gabbiano
23 Aprile: 15.30 Asielcentrum van Sint Truiden Belgium
27 Aprile: sera/evening Pedagogische Hoch Schule Heidelberg, Germany
29 Aprile: sera/evening Theater Oogst Utrecht Holland

True Stories

of Daily Life

listen to intimate stories, dreams & wishes of those who live war, oppression, occupation…

  • yalla tnam rima

Ya Sitti – Yalla Tnam Rima

  • A's story, from Khalil

Story of A.


Radio Conversations

every few weeks we publically skype one of our actors who tells the actual situation in their country… directly from Baghdad, Gaza, West bank, Kurdistan, Syria, Egypt

Listen to Annet's 10 Minute interview on Dutch Radio 1:

5th April Teatro di Nascosto LIVE Children Tell Their Stories of Everyday Life in Iraq Kurdistan Palestine Lebanon

check regularly for updates – during periods of increased instability in regions where our actors live or come from we may have more live broadcasts

Most Recent Radio Conversation


& Short Films

independent short films and documentaries made by people from the territories of conflict


& Analysis

writings by people from regions of conflict giving perspective on the situation there and internationally

  • In Perspective - Dana Abbas

In Perspective by Dana Ashty

In Perspective

Reading or watching these stories, without putting them in the context of where they come from, they will remain incomplete and lack of knowledge can become an assumption. Knowledge of the history is one way to put events into context, but it’s not the only […]


of Volterra

we meet someone with a special story from Volterra in Italy where Teatro di Nascosto is based

  • Ennio Furiesi - Sculptor in Volterra

Ennio Furiesi

Ennio Furiesi is a sculptor in Volterra. Click to watch a video about his work.

Become a Friend

of Teatro di Nascosto

join many supporters around the world in sustaining Teatro di Nascosto so that the radio can continue to develop and expand in bringing the voice of everyday life living under conflict to global listeners


Teatro di Nascosto has worked for 18 years bringing the voice of daily life under conflict to a global audience.

With no regular funding we depend on independent individuals and small organisations around the world to keep our work running.

We need money to maintain the website, to buy equipment for actors to record in their area, and to cover actors’ travel expenses and visa applications.

Anyone who contributes even a small amount monthly becomes a Friend of Teatro di Nascosto and we are happy to feature you and your website on our Friends page – or not if you prefer to remain anonymous.