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Volterra Solidarity with Baghdad Peace Carnival (RAI Television)

Hundreds of young people in Volterra, Italy went into the central square holding dreams of Iraqi people for a life free of war. Video made from a feature on RAI Italian TV Regional Tuscany Station and a clip of the Baghdad Peace Carnival giving a shout out […]

Live 19th September 2016

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Somud u Ahlam

“Resistance and Dreams” Tour

a Monologue with and by Annet Henneman

Available from June 2016 to June 2017

Photo: Atalah Jahalen

Resistance and Dreams is a theatre reportage monologue, accompanied by photo documentation and music. It is based on recent visits to Iraq and Palestine […]

Dreams from Beyond in Basrah, Iraq

‘Dreams from Beyond’ in Basrah, April 2016. Theatre Reportage telling the dreams of the civilians dying daily, with 18 actors from Basrah in Times Square Mall.

Live 30th December 2015

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Live 16th December 2015

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Live 25th November 2015

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Ennio Furiesi

Ennio Furiesi is a sculptor in Volterra. Click to watch a video about his work.

In Perspective by Dana Ashty

In Perspective

Reading or watching these stories, without putting them in the context of where they come from, they will remain incomplete and lack of knowledge can become an assumption. Knowledge of the history is one way to put events into context, but it’s not the only one. In this section we […]

Homeland Story by Munthadar Hanoun

Read First – This personal journalistic video contains horrific images of death, executions, mutilated bodies and more. Please take responsibility for yourself and any others around you, especially children before you watch this video

If you are ready to continue, the password is iamprepared