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Introduction to The Radio

A space for connecting to the reality of life under conflict. The true stories, songs, short films and live radio share direct experiences of living in Palestine, Kurdistan, Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Iran.

faraway voices
sometimes screamed
sometimes whispered
voices that lose themselves
in an infinite distance
between distant realities...

the scream of a mother
who lost her son
the sigh of the one
who doesn’t know
if he will live tomorrow

echoing voices
distant echoes
of those who resist
for an opinion
a forbidden thought

make a moment
of gathering
and sharing

Annet Henneman

Originally from Holland, qualified (BA) as a drama teacher, Annet subsequently trained and practised theatre in Holland, Poland, Germany and Italy under internationally renowned theatre practitioners including Jerzy Grotowski and Riszard Cieslak. With Armando Punzo she founded the Carte Blanche cultural association and worked with the Compagnia della Fortezza in Italy for eight years. In 1998 she founded Teatro di Nascosto with Gianni Calastri and has since been developing theatre reportage, a hybrid of art and journalism, using theatre as a vehicle to tell the true stories of people who do not have a voice, who are living out the consequences of war, oppression or desperate poverty. Travelling to live beside and among those people whose stories she tells, her work has taken her to Kurdistan, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, India, Egypt, Jordan and Palestine. Working to support refugees and asylum seekers in Italy, Teatro di Nascosto set up the Academy of Theatre Reportage for Refugees and Asylum-seekers in Volterra. In 2007 students trained as actors, telling their stories through theatre and producing performances such as Rifugia-ti, played before the European Parliament with a cast of refugees, politicians and actors. Since the end of this project, Annet continues to travel between Europe and the Middle East, aiming to serve as a channel for the voices and true stories she hears. She has created a new international group of Theatre Reportage and run Incontri Meetings bringing together young actors and artists from the various places she has travelled.

Ali Kareem

Ali Kareem Obaid, born 1984 in Baghdad, is an Iraqi theater director and filmmaker based in Berlin. He has worked as an actor and assistant director for Teatro Di Nascosto since 2012. In 2011 he graduated as Theater Director from the Academy of Fine Arts, Baghdad University. His first short film HASSAN IN WONDERLAND has been on 40 film festivals all around the world winning seven awards, lastly the "Van Gogh Award for the best family film" at Amsterdam Film Festival 2015. In 2016 he finished his Master "Choreography and performance" at the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies, Gießen University (Germany).

Sophie Barclay

Bio coming soon...

Alex Etchart

Actor and Radio Technician Alex Etchart has practiced Theatre Reportage with Teatro di Nascosto across Europe and the Middle East since 2012. He developed and maintains this online radio platform. Alex is a second-generation refugee from South America, working with marginalised groups in London to amplify their voice using multi-arts workshops and street actions. He holds a 2-year certificate in Community Music Workshop Skills from Goldsmiths and is an accomplished singer of South American folklore and multi-instrumentalist composer.

Tammam Qasim

I’m from Basrah, a city in the south of Iraq. I am a journalist and filmmaker. I have been working with Teatro di Nascosto for several years. At present I’m working with “The Radio” to brings voices from the areas of conflict. My job at home is to cover my people’s news.

Asaad Hail

I’m from Basrah, Iraq. I have a Masters in Theatre Arts, I am a member of Teatro di Nascosto’s international group, giving voice from the regions in conflict on “The Radio”. I’m writing research on the history of Teatro di Nascosto and the Theatre Reportage method.

Munthadar Hanoon

I am a war reporter for Iraqi television, I was invited to participate in theatre reportage in the launch of “The Radio” of Teatro di Nascosto in Volterra, Italy. My dream is to deliver the news of my suffering people to the world. I want to tell about war, about the desperate fight against ISIS by those who care about human rights. I want to give voice to the people who live in the territories in conflict.

Hannah Hussein

I'm from Karballah in Iraq. I’m working with Teatro Di Nascosto on The Radio to speak about the situation of Iraqi women drawing on my life experience. For example, in the 70s we used to have the freedom to work, the freedom of talking about women rights, of dressing as we liked, but now women in Iraq have less freedom than before. I will talk about it on the radio.

Karim Obaid

I'm a lawyer from Karballah in Iraq. I am working with Teatro di Nascosto in Italy on The Radio to tell about my life experience in the Army during the Iran-Iraq war and the Iraq-Kuwait war during Saddam’s dictatorship. At present I work as a lawyer for women who divorce because of economic and social reasons, often caused by the culture of marrying early in Iraq.

Ali Raheem

I’m from Baghdad. I have a bachelor degree from the fine arts college in directing cinema. I came to Teatro di Nascosto in Volterra to screen my movie Balanga. Nowadays I’m collaborating with “The Radio” to amplify voices from areas of conflict, in addition I’m preparing a documentary film about the launch of “The Radio”.

A history of Teatro di Nascosto over 18 years is coming soon