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Upcoming solo performances by Annet Henneman, performances and street actions by the International Group, and conferences about building the Centre for Independent Information Through Art.

Somud u Ahlam at the Festival delle autoproduzioni (self production)

Description: Monologue by Annet Henneman based on her recent travels in Iraq and Palestine
Date/Time: 18.30 hrs on 2nd of September 2017
Location: Italy, Molli -Sovicille (province of Siena)
Link: http://festivaldelleautoproduzioni.net/

A party for Mosul after ISIS in Volterra

Description: after an “apericena” (aperitivo dinner) there will be a photo exhibition and an open mic for young musicians, the evening will finish with a DJ techno party dedicated to those who are rebuilding their life in Mosul in the wake of ISIS
Date/Time: Saturday 30th of September 2017 - Apericena 18.30, Open Mic 21.30, DJs 22.30
Location: Italy, Scala Docciola, Volterra

Theater Reportage Workshop for actors of Diyarbakir

Description: Annet Henneman will give 10 days training and prepare a theatre reportage with the Kurdish actors of the Theatre of the Diyarbakir region, who lost their jobs because the theatre was closed by the Turkish state, in their new (private) workspace they've created.
Date/Time: throughout November 2017
Location: Turkish Kurdistan - Diyarbakir

“The Catwalk” Basra

Description: A new Theatre Reportage under the direction of Annet Henneman and assistant Tammam Qasim. A Catwalk of stories of life in the past year in Iraq.
Date/Time: From 20th December 2017 - premiere and two performances mid January 2018
Location: Iraq - Basrah, Times Square Mall Theatre and throughout the mall

Mosul after ISIS

Description: Theatre Reportage Actions throughout Mosul with Iraqi actors guided by Annet Henneman, in the completely destroyed centre and places where people are trying to rebuild their lives and homes again
Date/Time: 5 days in the second part of January 2018
Location: Iraq - Mosul through the whole city

Current Works

Performances currently on tour, either solo pieces by Annet, or works with the International Group.

Somud u Ahlam Resistance and Dreams

A theatre reportage monologue, accompanied by photo documentation and music. It is based on recent visits to Iraq and Palestine by Annet Henneman.

Request a Performance

Whether you are a venue, a university department, a human rights organisation or otherwise, feel free to contact us to arrange a performance.

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