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Volterra – Italy



March 2017

Our member Sophie Barclay playing with children in a Syrian refugee camp in Lebanon

September 2016

Young people of Volterra in Italy (left) show solidarity to Iraqi people at the Peace Carnival in Baghdad (right), both thinking on dreams for a brighter future.

June 2016

Iraq – Two realities in one country. The desperate never-ending war against ISIS while other young people are trying to live their lives. Photos: Munthadr Hanoun and Annet Henneman.

September 2015

Children in Kurdistan – Photo: Xerip Siyabend

August 2015

Syria, a war that never stops – 7th of August 2015, province of Homs – Photo: Unknown

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Performances of Theatre Reportage

Explore albums covering Teatro di Nascosto performances and actions held across Europe and the Middle East by the International Group, as well as solo performances by director Annet Henneman. Our performances use Theatre Reportage to connect with dedicated audiences, everyday people in public spaces and policy makers in influential institutions, through sharing the terrible, the dignified, the strength and the intimate of life under conflict.

2017 Somud u Ahlam – Resistance and Dreams

Reading or watching these stories, without putting them in the context of where they come from, they will remain incomplete and lack of knowledge can become an assumption. Knowledge of the history is one way to put events into context, but it’s not the only...

Photo Reportage Travel Diaries

Photo Reportage covering Annet's and other members' journeys through regions of conflict, living with our families and communities there, and holding the lens of everyday experience of local people.

2016 Autumn in Kurdistan

2016 May in Jabal al-Baba

2016 April in Baghdad

2016 April in Karbalah & Babylon

2016 April in Basrah