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The cruel reality of war occupation oppression violence

and the struggle, hopes and dreams for a different life in Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Kurdistan and other regions told by the international Theatre Reportage group of Teatro di Nascosto. Our actors and contributors live in these countries and in the western world… Daily life stories from the territories of conflict in Arabic, Italian & English.

Party for Mosul in Volterra

an album of photos (from Nico Rossi) of the succesful party for the rebuilding of the University of Mosul on 30th of September in Volterra.

Filmed Interview with Annet in Basrah

Interview with the Iraqi Union of Journalists in English and Arabic outside in the 50 degree heat!


Annet in Mosul

an album of photos of Annet's travel in Mosul, Iraq (07/2017).

Travel Diaries part 1 in Iraq

Article published on Article 21 in Italian
I arrived this morning at Hanaa Edwards’ house, from the organisation, Al Amal [hope]. She tells me about her latest projects that will bring forward bills in parliament. In the next weeks a bill regarding children’s rights will be proposed, and bills countering violence against women (which are very difficult to pass)... [continued]

Travel Diaries part 2 in Iraq

Article published on Article 21 in Italian
I finished this part of my diary on the 4th of july, in the mean time the Iraqi state has declared the liberation of Mosul. It seems the conflict is moving to Tal Afar, one and half our from Mosul. Number of civilians that died in Mosul and Tal Afar the day before yesterday (Iraqi Body Count) Tal Afar: 47 executed; 2 killed by gunfire, Mosul: 8 by shelling.