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The cruel reality of war occupation oppression violence

and the struggle, hopes and dreams for a different life in Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Kurdistan and other regions told by the international Theatre Reportage group of Teatro di Nascosto. Our actors and contributors live in these countries and in the western world… Daily life stories from the territories of conflict in Arabic, Italian & English.

The first conference towards a Centre for Independent Information through Art in Volterra, Italy

Our actors and participants from Iraq, Palestine, Turkish Kurdistan
South Italy and across Europe share stories, videos, photos, interviews

Breaking News Iraqi Kurdistan

Farhad Sangawi, MP of Iraq Kurdistan, is now in Volterra.

Friday morning Nawshirwan Mustafa, leader of the Gorran party died.

Mister Sangawi will speak about the consequences for the political changes in his country in a live radio broadcast today.

Morning Workshop 9:20AM

with local young people

Young people from the local high school experience theatre reportage

The group hear stories from Palestine, Kurdistan, Iraq and participate in reenacting difficult moments of everyday life

They will join us live on the radio at 10am to share their reactions

Many of them have been volunteering to build the conference and radio station

Last Night

on the steps of Volterra

We share songs, fireplay, darbuka and violin to celebrate the first day of our gathering

My Cousin Hussein by Ali Kareem

A personal story about growing up under Saddam then the U.S occupation, about best friends, and the violence of war. Things you can change and things you cannot change

Fadya and Somud by Sophie Barclay

A story from a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon, one of the only ones with a hospital, which explains Fadya's inability to watch the news to this day, as she doesn't want to remember what happened to her 40 years ago...

Interviews with local young people live on air

Interviews with young people from Volterra about their first impressions of theatre reportage – the stories and experiences shared today

Checkpoint introduction

What is it like to live with checkpoints everywhere?

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