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Radio Conversations


Every few weeks we publically skype one of our actors who tells the actual situation in their country… directly from Baghdad, Gaza, West bank, Kurdistan, Syria, Egypt.

To listen use the radio player in the bottom left of the screen. To play/pause hover of the Teatro di Nascosto logo and click the button that appears. If it isn’t working, or says ‘buffering…’ for a long time, try refreshing the page.

If you have any questions to put to our members during a live broadcast, add on Skype and call (don’t type) us  with you question. We’ll try to answer all as many questions as possible providing they’re relevant, respectful and we have enough time in the programme.

Listen to Annet's 10 Minute interview on Dutch Radio 1:

5th April Teatro di Nascosto LIVE Children Tell Their Stories of Everyday Life in Iraq Kurdistan Palestine Lebanon

Check regularly for updates – during periods of increased instability in regions where our actors live or come from we may have more frequent broadcasts.


Radio Conversations