“Resistance and Dreams” Tour

a Monologue with and by Annet Henneman

Available from June 2016 to June 2017

Photo: Atalah Jahalen

Resistance and Dreams is a theatre reportage monologue, accompanied by photo documentation and music. It is based on recent visits to Iraq and Palestine by Annet Henneman (April/ May 2016).

Iraq, Karballah, Basrah, Baghdad: A Mother tells about her life in modern day Iraq. The war against ISIS and how her son and their many friends try to live their lives… the hope; the dreams; the fear and constant fright of never ending war.

Palestine, Jabal el Baba (the mountain of the Pope): Bedouin life in a refugee camp situated on the edges of an Israeli colony. Their resistance against the repeated demolition of their homes… their dreams… their music…

The premiere of Resistance of Dreams was at UCL (University of London) on the 25th of May 2016. The tour continues in Italy, Holland, Belgium, United Kingdom. The monologue is available in English, Italian, Dutch, German, and French language. The monologue can be performed in many spaces a private house, town square, theatre or arts festival. If you would like more information or to book a theatre reportage performance please contact: Carrie Westwater by email on: teatrodinascostovolterra@gmail.com

Who is Teatro di Nascosto? Under the guidance of Artistic Director Annet Henneman, renowned for the development the method of theatre reportage Teatro di Nascosto bring together 18 years of life stories. The stories of those who live isolated in the territories of conflict. Often the stories are from the Middle East, testimonies of those people who escape; but also from those who remain and try to make change in their country.

The international group of Teatro di Nascosto (Hidden Theatre) is composed of actors who are not only from, but live in Iraq, Palestine, Kurdistan, Egypt, Ukraine, Lebanon, Italy, Germany, England. They bring through theatre reportage, performances and theatrical actions and their online platform “The Radio”. This platform is accessible in English, Arabic and Italian languages; with interviews, stories, short films, photo’s and writing from the voices of those who live war, oppression, occupation.

Activities April / May 2016

Premiere: “Somud u Ahlam”, 25th of May 2016 – University of London (UCL) in the program of Cafè Culture.

“The two faces of Iraq” conference. Annet Henneman discusses the realities of living in Iraq as witnessed during her visit in April. She focuses on the infinite war, the conflict against ISIS and how despite living in this violence the civil society try to build up a normal social life.

30 and 31 of May in Scala Docciola, workspace of Teatro di Nascosto and the Liceo Carducci and ITC Niccolini high schools of Volterra.

“Dreams from beyond”: A Theatre Reportage Action, performed at the University of Basrah and the Mall Times Square, Basrah. Under the direction of Annet Henneman, 18 actors tell the forsaken dreams of many civilians who die in Iraq every day.

Residence at Jabel al Baba (the mountain of the Pope), Palestine: The development of theatre reportage that tells the life of the Bedouins living in the refugee camp Jabel al Baba, where regularly the barracks and their containers are regularly demolished.

Palestinian performances (15/16/17 May 2016) : at Jabel el Baba and the Universities of Quds and Birzeit, Palestine.

There is more information in article (in Italian only) written by Gabriele Rizza (Italian Theatre Critic) please see page 4 of the magazine Il Teatro e il Mondo (Theatre and the World):
“The Curtain at the frontine: The Teatro di Nascosto of Annet Henneman together with the oppressed.”

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